Fractured: Prepared Acoustic Guitar Review | Computer Music Magazine

“Fractured is a treasure trove of intriguing timbres and tones.”

Fractured offers excellent value compared with similar libraries.

Refreshingly different selection of sounds.

Multis feel a bit pointless.

Guitars get tormented in an excellent cause…

Taking a break from creating vanilla instrument libraries, Vir2 take a walk on the wild side with Fractured, which is subtitled Prepared Acoustic Guitar.

The raw audio was created by performing all kinds of unnatural acts on guitars, including scraping them with various materials, hitting them with mallets and pouring rice over them.

The sounds have been post-processed to generate noises you wouldn’t think possible. From percussive tones to atmospheres, pads and FX, Fractured is a treasure trove of intriguing timbres and tones.

The library is divided into Chromatic Kits, Drum Kits, Melodic Patches, Tempo Synced Patches and Pads & SFX. There’s a folder of multis, too, but these feel a little redundant compared to the single patches, and possibly a bit of an afterthought. Still, the single patches are fantastic, and thanks to their organic origin, they really feel like sounds that you couldn’t possibly knock up yourself in the box.

It would be nice to have the non-chromatic samples in audio format too, but even so Fractured is a great buy.

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