Vir2 Instruments is an international team of sound designers, musicians, and programmers who specialize in creating the world’s most advanced virtual instrument libraries. Vir2 is producing the instruments that shape the sound of modern music. With a growing library of instruments, Vir2 offers premium products across a wide variety of genres.

Royalty-Free Guarantee

Vir2 Instruments’ products are licensed to you completely royalty-free. If you have purchased our instruments through an authorized dealer, you have the unlimited right to use them in your musical compositions. Vir2 does not require you to fill out clearance forms or pay additional license fees.
Outstanding Customer Service

As part of the Big Fish Group, we have twenty years of customer service and support experience behind us. Big Fish Audio is the world’s leader in sample library distribution. If you have questions about our libraries or about virtual instruments in general, contact us and one of our knowledgeable team members will be happy to help.

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